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Organochemical Fertilizers Macedonia SA

We are not talking about fertilization
but about rational fertilization

In Organochemical Fertilizers Macedonia SA we are not just talking about fertilization, we are talking about rational fertilization, promoting Sustainable production, which has multifaceted targets.

Increasement of production and improvement of the quality of the products at the lowest possible financial cost and without adverse effects on the environment.

Satisfying the needs of the crop in nutrients while maintaining or even improving the fertility of the soil, so that it is productive today and in the future.

The organochemical fertilizers are slow release, as a result not to be rinsed but to remain on the rhizosphere, so that they are constantly at the disposal of the plants, as long as they need them.

History of OFM

The company Organochemical Fertilizers Macedonia SA is a private company based at the 7th km of the National Road Katerini-Larissa and specializes in the production of a variety of soil conditioners, organochemical fertilizers, foliar formulations, and peat.

  1. Establishment of OFM

    January, 1999

    It was founded in 1999 by new well-known people in the wider business area, to chart a new dynamic course in the field of organochemical fertilizers, promising the best prospects for the future.

  2. Respect for the environment.

    March, 2005

    Our company, after years of work, highlighted the importance and benefits of using organochemical fertilizers, respecting the protection of the environment and promoting sustainability.

  3. Business expansion

    July, 2009

    Over the years the company began to acquire more and more cooperating agricultural stores throughout Greece and expanded to export its products to several European and third countries.

  4. Today

    February, 2022

    Today the company produces more than 15 products in its facilities and for quality assurance and safety implements the quality management system EN ISO 9001:2018

Why should I choose organochemical fertilizers of Macedonia?



They are in form of pellets and as result they are easy to use with a fertilizer spreader such us by hand.



The source of the organic matter is odorless and completely free of weed seeds and pathogenic microorganisms



They have a guaranteed composition.



By using them, they enrich at the same time the soil with macro & micronutrients covering a large part or all the needs of the crop in basic fertilization.

organochemical fertilizers of Macedonia